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 Introduction to me :)

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PostSubject: Introduction to me :)   Sun 21 Aug 2011, 12:36 pm

Firstly, I apologise if I have posted in the wrong part of the forum. I saw this was for introductions but couldn't see a sub category to post in so I thought I would make my own (please move it if it is wrongly placed!). I use a lot of forums and they all have their own ways of doing things.

I am Mel, 20, and have two white female ferrets. I have had them both from babies and they are extremely friendly and fun. Fuz, is about 6 and Chaz (who is albino) is a year younger.

When I got Fuz I didn't really know anything about ferrets so I played it by ear. I kept her in my bedroom in a very tall cage and she slept in a hammock. I let her run around downstairs in the living room every evening and she loves curling up inside my sleeves. She is very cuddly and goes about things slowly taking her time to explore everything before diving in to things. I didn't realise when I got Fuz that she was much too young to be separated from her Mum. I got her from a man who had a lot of ferrets and Fuz was the only one left out of the litter one of his girls had just had. She was very tiny and hadn't got much fur (which is why I called her Fuz because she was fuzzy rather than hairy). All the information I had read told me not to 'feel sorry and buy a ferret because it was kept in bad conditions' but I fell in love with ehr instantly and rescued her. She wasn't with her mum any more so I thought it was fine but she is definitely a runt. She is still tiny at 6 years old but is the friendliest ferret I have ever known lol.

After a while I decided I realllllly wanted another ferret (ferret fever!) so I got Chaz, also as a baby but slightly older.

Chaz is the complete opposite to Fuz and is like a big clumsy polar bear. She charges into things head first and makes herself hop around excitedly when she crashes. I didn't realise that Fuz was so lonely until I got Chaz. I saw a completely different playful side to her that couldn't be achieved with a sock, cuddly toy or jingly ball. Chaz get very excited and still acts like a baby ferret. Despite being twice the size of Fuz she still knows who is boss and has been known to have food taken right out of her mouth by her!

After a while it got too smelly in the bedroom despite trying my best to keep the cage clean so in the summer they got moved to an outside cage and they thrived there and seemed super healthy. I now have them with me at my partners house in a big outside cage with several levels and a separate outside run which I bought today from Pets at Home.

Fuz and Chaz are best friends and are always curled up together or licking each other. They both loved Ferretone when it was available but now they love the ferret vitamin paste even more. It comes in very handy when clipping nails! I have just bought a drain pipe for them and chopped it up and but some bends in which they love, not sure why I hadn't thought of it before.

Love them both to bits and considering getting a pair of baby ferrets to live with them when the next breeding season comes. I worry that with Fuz being older she may die and leave Chaz lonely and maybe if I get a pair the same age now, they may all become best friends and no one will be left without a friend when sad times come? Also thought I might look into some kind of club to join with them but not sure what is about in Kent so having a nose around.

But anyway that's enough and well done if you have got to the end! I am a complete chatterbox as you may have guessed. I just wish I could write my midwifery essays as easy as I have done with this! Again very sorry if it has been posted in the wrong place. Looking forward to using the forums and getting new ideas.

Mel x
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Introduction to me :)
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