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 Introducing Ferrets Of the Same Age

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PostSubject: Introducing Ferrets Of the Same Age   Sun 19 Apr 2009, 11:19 am

Introducing Ferrets Of the Same Age
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PostSubject: Re: Introducing Ferrets Of the Same Age   Sun 19 Apr 2009, 2:29 pm

Its really easy to introduce ferrets of the same age if they are both 2-4 months old.
Its also very easy to introduce two ferrets in a park or somewhere else than a male ferret's cage (never put a new ferret in a whatever ferret's cage when they do not know each other !) whatever the sex they are or no matter how old they are.

Firts of all, you have to know that male ferrets are very territorial. That's why no one should adopt a kit if the male ferrets is 2 years old or more. He will be very agressif with the kit and may kill your kit no matter if the kit is male or female! You can try to have a ferret of the same age, but your male ferret will still be territorial no matter if you introduce him a female or male. It can stress your new ferrets and start problems. I know someone thats got a female ferret of 1 year old and she introduce her to her male of 1 year old. The male was verry agressif with her and after a month my friend has to get rid of the female because she was verry stressed about the male and she started to be agressif and bites and made my friend bleed! I do not approve that solution No But my friend tought it was for the best. (Of course, if you have a non-neutered male ferret and introduce him a non-neutered female ferret when they are both in the "love-season" everything will be ok loll)

However, if you have a female of 1-2 years old or more, she might accept your kit because they are less territorial, but make sure your introduce your kit to your female slowly and you get them in seperate cages for at least 2 weeks. Maybe your female will never accept your kit either, so you will have to always have them seperate. But if you introduce a female of the same age, she will probly accept her because the other female can fight your female back loll
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Introducing Ferrets Of the Same Age
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